Dark. Reserved for artist initiatives

and "One Night Only" special events


Cabaret "The Daryl and Ester Show"

Hosted by Daryl Nitz with Ester Hana

7-10 pm


Le Piano Open Jazz Jam
Hosted by The Chicago Freedom Ensemble

under the direction of Thaddeus Tukes

7-10 pm


Derek Duleba B3 Organ Trio
Pete Benson B3
Derek Duleba Guitar
Luke Sagadin Drums

7-10 pm

Fridays & Saturdays

Chad Willetts Quartet

with rotating guest artists weekly 
Bobby Schiff piano
Stacey McMichael bass
Chad Willetts drums

7-10 pm

Saturday Afterglow Late Show

Petra van Nuis Chanteuse
Dennis Luxion Piano

The perfect quintessential adult cocktail set

to wind down your weekend and turn down your bed

11-1 am


"The Velvet Torch Series"

Devon Sandridge vocals
Jeremy Kahn piano
Guest artists sit-ins

An evening that strolls through one of the richest archives of words and music

as two giant talents offer the listener a golden deliverable

7-10 pm